Climb ProSGlide TIPON r2c 120m


The POMOCA skin with TIPON technology is the thinnest and lightest skin on the market. It is very easy to use: with a washable adhesive, it does not need regluing and it is not sensitive to heat and UV.

The new TIPON membrane technology is based on the latest generation of polysiloxanes. Combining two types of induction (a membrane and an adhesive) directly on the fabric brings about great performance properties, such as 100% waterproof and high quality gluing, while keeping the climbing skin simple and light weight.

The new TIPON membrane offers an excellent performance at several levels:

  • 100% waterproof. The membrane completely seals the surface of the plush.
  • No delamination risk: perfect mechanical coupling plush - membrane.
  • Perfect skin trimming: No fraying effect.
  • Light weight: 50% lighter than any other classic membrane.
  • Packable: 40% less volume than a classic skin model


The new TIPON adhesive offers high performance:

  • No glue delamination risk: perfect chemical coupling membrane – adhesive.
  • Extreme temperature resistant: No risk of freezing.
  • Washable: it can be hand washed with water and soap.
  • UV resistant: it can be exposed to the sun and heating.
  • No need to reglue. The adhesive is durable.


Category: alpine touring, Skins

Type: Snowsports

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